18-126W LED Work Light Beam Light Car Truck SUV 12V /24V LED Cool White Bar Light Sale

18-126W LED Work Light Beam Light Car Truck SUV 12V /24V LED Cool White Bar Light

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1.This LED work light can provide a bright xenon white light that is much easier to work under than the conventional light from a halogen bulb.
2.You are assured of excellent lighting with low energy consumption. We chose high quality LEDs as they can be expected to last 30000 hours, a claim many other cheaper LEDs makes but cannot live up to.
3.With a colour temperature of 6000K, and an amazing brightness , this lamp provide a brilliant lighting effect that is similar to day light.
4.Self Power Protection System, protects light from damage even if it is connected to the wrong polarity.

1.Waterproof, dustproof, quakeproof, anti-explosion
2.Wide operating voltage range
3.Fits ATV, engineering vehicle, Jeep, SUV, Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Truck, Tractor, Trailer, Caravan ...
4.Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
5.Off-road lights
6.Working lights
7.Garden & Backyard & Camping Lighting
8. Sailing lights
9.Fine craft and easy to install
10.Adjustable bracket adapt to various locations.
11.Long lifespan: more than 30000 hours.
12.Aluminum housing, shockproof waterproof better ...


1.According to different tools and different measurement methods, the result of Beam angle will be a little deviation
2.Please operate in the right way when you install the LED work light, to avoid the power harm and body harm
3.Incorporates power-driven, the same bright under 12V to 24V.

Package:1X 126W LED Work Light


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