10W 20W 30W 50W 100W LED Floodlight Outdoor Garden Flood Light Warm Cool White Sale

10W 20W 30W 50W 100W LED Floodlight Outdoor Garden Flood Light Warm Cool White

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Small LED Flood Lights create bright, shadow-free security and spot lighting for a variety of outdoor applications, including facades, landscapes, public places, retail and residential complexes, and hospitality. Choose from four power levels, and wide and narrow beam distributions, to replace 100-watt quartz halogen through 250-watt metal halide fixtures.


1.Crisp white light
2.Uniform color consistency
3.High thermal transfer rate,LED module is copper plated to provide a high thermal transfer rate, minimizing junction temperature of the LEDs and ensuring long life
4.Building control compatible,Building control dusk-to-dawn and occupancy sensor compatible, providing additional energy savings and reduced utility costs
5.Durable housing,With a bronze finish, the fixtures are constructed of heavy-duty cast aluminum one-piece IP65-rated housing that is TGIC powder-coated, rust and corrosion proof and sealed to be free of dirt and insects
6.Environmentally friendly,The fixtures are maintenanc free and constructed without hazardous materials or mercury, and operate without emitting UV or IR rays
7.Easy mounting


1.Model:LED light Classic
2.Housing Case: Stainless Steel
3.Color: Warm White(2800K-3200K);Cool White(6000K-6500K)
4.Input Voltage:AC 85-265V
5.Power: 10W/20W/30W/50W/100W
8.Beam Angle: 180 degrees
9.LED working temperature: -25°C - +65°C
10.Waterproof: IP65
11.Standard Interface: Waterproof Interface
12.Long life span reaches 50,000hrs
14.Excellent luminous efficiency
15.Approved: CE/RoHS


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